Via Toffetti 19 + Milano

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The project concerns the recovery of an area currently used for storage and disposal of ferrous material. The surroundings consist of buildingsused as offices and / or commercial activities without special architectural connotations. The building project is composed of a main building of six floors above ground and two underground floors, characterized by a central core where suitable for lifts – stairs – services, and two lateral bodies whose sides are inclined to allow more sunlight in glass facades. The north and south sides of the building are buffered by a double covering (fixed glass windows broken by a diamond-shaped opening outside and a sandwich panel with glass on the inside), in order to limit the consumption of primary energy. The west facade is characterized by advanced stairs, formed by two built baffles and a glass wall supported by an internal metal structure and by two walls covered with a shield of aluminum panels (8/10 rhomboid matrix) . The flat roof of the building has been designed with a system of fixed horizontal sun blades (brisoleil in white aluminium) placed at the same level of the crown of technical volumes in coverage.


CLIENT:   private
TYPOLOGY:   offices
STATUS:   retired
PLACE:   Milano
SUP:   2450 Mq
VOL:   7350 Mc

Progetti Correlati

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Rigenerazione Urbana + Milano

The project area is included in the Urban Renewal Sector – ARU. The ARU are parts of cities undergoing transformation, consisting mainly of productive areas with adjoining tertiary parts linked to small production, interspersed with sporadic presence of residential buildings. The aggregation of these types generates an uneven and disaggregated building fabric, devoid of urban references, in which it is difficult to intervene with a "regulatory" project of reference for the surrounding spaces. In this specific case, the small border public park was considered as a reference element and "regulator". We intervene on a particularly frayed building fabric without particular architectural references, in an area of small size that does not allow to significantly affect the context. For this reason, we said, it was decided to enhance the existing public space through the "visual" expansion of the green space, creating a wide strip of private green as an expansion of the park itself, a minimal fence without solid masonry parts and an open ground floor with large full-height windows that expands and gives depth to the space itself. At the planimetric level, as already mentioned, the building is located parallel to the major axis of the urban public garden, leaving the latter the role of catalyst of the whole intervention. In its vertical development the building reveals all its particularity. A volume made visually light by the sinuous lines of the balconies, which enhance the best perspective views on each floor and shape each house differently. Each floor is designed according to its orientation and reserves maximum comfort for its inhabitants. The sinuous balconies, between transparencies and opaque parts offer important outdoor spaces. The pre-painted iron parapets interrupt the gentle curves of the concrete at various points to allow the user to appreciate the private green and the park. Each apartment in the scheme, therefore, has access to an outdoor terrace that generally borders the living room and which acts as a multiplier of space and comfort of the housing unit. These generous outdoor spaces, real outdoor living rooms, connect private areas in search of harmony between the urban world and the natural environment.Great attention has been paid to the continuous LED lighting of the facades, recessed in the false ceiling of the balconies, follows their own sinuous course, reinforcing the role of urban landmark, even at night, of the intervention. PROJECT DATA CLIENT:   Private TYPOLOGY:   residential STATUS:   In progress PLACE:   Milano SUP:   --- Mq VOL:   --- Mc APPART. NUMB.:   25 PARKING PLACES:   25