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Via Fontana + Milano

The project involves the transformation of a beauty salon in office. The new spaces will be built with modular panels of different nuances of beige and large windows of polished steel structure. The floor is expected in light oak laminate large plank. The lighting will be built in the ceiling with circular membranes PVC in ..

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Via Baroni 190 + Milano

The aim of the design concept is to create a collective building, by starting from the study of the single apartment. The basic design of the dwelling, then, becomes a process capable of triggering actions that change the collective spaces. In fact, as a result, the aggregation housing will define the relational spaces and collective ..

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Via Castelfidardo 10 + Milano

The renovation project of the small unit follows, in this case, a rigorous restoration and reuse of old materials present. Most of them, such as the old parquet and solid wood doors worked, in fact, will be restored and reused. The rooms adapted and furnished in contemporary style will take, consequently, a strong antique flavor

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Hall di multinazionale + Milano

We have chosen not to amend pre-existing design concept, by inserting new forms, fully harmonized with the older ones. The entrance area opens on a reflective and transparent surfaces, recalling  the lost spaces. As for colours, the new front-office stands out with its shades of gray and the warm tones of the tobacco oak wood