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Via Castelfidardo 10 + Milano

The renovation project of the small unit follows, in this case, a rigorous restoration and reuse of old materials present. Most of them, such as the old parquet and solid wood doors worked, in fact, will be restored and reused. The rooms adapted and furnished in contemporary style will take, consequently, a strong antique flavor

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Via Archimede 47 + Milano

The project is about recovery of an existing volume located in the attic of a building consisting of three floors above ground in the Via Archimede. The surroundings presents multi-storey residential buildings aligned on a public road with a  very fragmented development, with a resulting urban disorder feeling. This analysis  focuses on the planning of ..

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Via Merano 19 + Milano

The design choices, taking into account local legislation, tend to the alignment of the front building on Viale Monza, in parallel with therailway embankment, and the alignment of the other side of the building to the terminal in Via Merano; By configuring inside an attractivegreen areathat will accommodateeventalltreesatthe largearea of ​​”filtering”. The building will be ..

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Hall di multinazionale + Milano

We have chosen not to amend pre-existing design concept, by inserting new forms, fully harmonized with the older ones. The entrance area opens on a reflective and transparent surfaces, recalling  the lost spaces. As for colours, the new front-office stands out with its shades of gray and the warm tones of the tobacco oak wood