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The Nest is an urban regeneration project that involves the interior of a block in a central area of ​​Milan, which sees the transformation of a multi-storey car park built in the 1960s into a residential building. The architectural project by Barreca & La Varra and Studio Grazzi + Marciello is configured as demolition and reconstruction: the new architectural volume is a single integrated building consisting of a "cube" (building A) and a "cylinder" (building B), which they have separate entrances and contain respectively 27 and 12 apartments. In the basement of building A and on the ground floor of both buildings, there are spaces for office use. In the demolition and reconstruction work, the existing volume is only partially re-proposed and the footprint of the existing building is not fully exploited: the new volume is in fact inscribed in the existing one.



  Grazzi + Marciello

  Barreca & La Varra

CLIENT:   Fontana s.r.l.
TYPOLOGY:   residential
STATUS:   In Progress
PLACE:   Milano

Progetti Correlati

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Cornaredo + Terza Fase

In Cornaredo Garden residential complex our intervention was aimed to give continuity to the relationship between indoors and outdoors. We have therefore tried to combine harmoniously the inside and the outside without putting physical barriers between one area and another. The apartments have been designed with particular attention to sun exposure east-west and the large windows, with their in & out game that reinvents the way of home living. The  "fan"-like disposition and the sinuous movement of the buildings form internal pedestrian paths, the complex standing in a natural area. PROJECT DATA CLIENT:   Cornaredo Garden srl TYPOLOGY:   residential STATUS:   in progress PLACE:   Cornaredo (Mi) SUP:   9977 Mq VOL:   29933 Mc APPART. NUMB.:   100 PARKING PLACES:   110