Via Bessarione + Milano

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The new building will consist of five residential floors, framed between the string-course on the ground floor and the eaves, in order not to interrupt the continuity perspective perceived along the way Bessarione. In this rigidity of the alignments of the main prospectus, contrasting with the vibrant texture of staggered openings, albeit never of context. The statement on internal courtyard to restore stability and order to a highly fragmented and uneven environment, also follows rigid principles. Here are the wooden slats coating and vertical green  to break the pattern. Thus the overall architectural composition, creates a ” composite ” visual perception  in a “globally stark and unitary ” design. The few colors and materials used are another harmonizing reason that minimizes chromatic impact on the environment.


CLIENT:   Immobiliare Trafalgar srl
TYPOLOGY:   residential
STATUS:   Realized
PLACE:   Milano
SUP:   620.12 Mq
VOL:   1860.36 Mc

Progetti Correlati

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Via degli Umiliati 19 + Milano

The intervention area is situated in Milan, in Ponte Lambro , 19 Via DegliUmiliati, on the right bank of River LambroForlanini, southern of the airport. Via Umiliati does not directly overlook the river bank, but they’re separated by Via Camaldoli and by a some hoses in north-south direction. The only direct connection with the riverfront roads is Via Rilke. The area described is then placed in a degraded area between Via degli Umiliati and the river Lambro. The front face of the building has a double color: the ground floor and the attic consist of a coating with horizontal timber-molded aluminum slats ( light color), while the four floors are cream upon the insulating coating. The windows and sliding shutters, in pressed light wood aluminum, harmonize the a building that wants to minimize the impact of colors and materials in the construction. External pavement  consists in grass-protective ridable grids, in order to have as much green as possible on the ground floor. PROJECT DATA CLIENT:   Roma Levante srl TYPOLOGY:   residential STATUS:   Realized PLACE:   Milano SUP:   1116.12 Mq VOL:   3348.36 Mc APPART. NUMB.:   27 PARKING PLACES:   5